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Miyuki Sample Cards | #0933 - 11/0 Delica "DURACOAT Galvanized Frosted" Beads

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Card #933:

- Authentic Miyuki Beads Sample Card.

- Contains Size 11/0 Delica "DURACOAT Galvanized Frosted" Beads that were released in 2013.

- 12 colors: #DB-1831F, #1832F, #1833F, #1834F, #1838F, #1840F,
                   #1841F, #1842F, #1843F, #1844F, #1847F, & #1851F.

- Approximately 18 beads of every color are hand-sewn onto each card.

- Card backing consists of a double thickness of card-stock.

- Card size is approximately 8-1/2" Tall x 6" Wide.

Miyuki Sample Cards: Are perfect for designers who wish to view the actual color of their beads before purchasing them*.  They help greatly with project planning and cut down dramatically on the amount of beads being bought in error due to discrepancies in the way computer monitors display color.

*Be aware that current production runs of Miuyki beads can vary slightly in color shade due to dye-lot differences.

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