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Miyuki Japanese 2-Hole HALF Tila Beads are the finest glass beads ever produced and, as we have come to expect from Miyuki, they are precisely uniform in size and shape.  These tile-shaped beads fit together like a mosaic to form the canvas for your creativity.....the design possibilities are endless!

- You will receive 5 grams of HALF Tila Beads (approximately 128-130 beads).


- Each bead measures 2.5mm long x 5mm wide x 1.9mm thick with 2 parallel .8mm holes.
   They are the same Width but HALF the length of a standard Miyuki Tila Bead.

 HALF Tila's are packaged as follows:

- Each 5-gram unit will be packaged in a 3/8" dia. x 2.5" tall acrylic tube with snap-on cap.

NOTE: When ordering multiples of 2 units (equaling 10 grams), the beads will possibly be combined together into one larger acrylic tube measuring 9/16" dia. x 3.0" tall.  This will save time and materials in the processing of each order. 

- 5 or more units of the same color (25+ grams) will be packaged together in one clear plastic zip-lock bag.

-Each "HALF Tila" (HTL) color number is clearly labelled on every tube or zip-lock bag for ease in reordering and color matching.

NOTE:  All HALF Tilas are carefully weighed to the amount specified in their product description and packaged in a tube that comfortably holds them.   The tubes are not necessarily filled to the top.

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We currently are not accepting Back-Orders and purchases are limited to stock on hand.

However, if you are in need of larger quantities of beads or our stock is low, please contact us via email and we will gladly order them for you.

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Miyuki Half Tila Beads | HTL-0151 (A) Transparent Cobalt Blue (5 g.)

Picture of Miyuki Half Tila Beads | HTL-0151 (A) Transparent Cobalt Blue (5 g.)
Same color as: DB-0707, DBL-0707, TL-0151 & 10TW-0151.

$2.60 (USD)

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