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C-LON BEADING THREAD  is a NYLON beading thread which is stronger and more durable than Nymo or Silamide without the stiffness sometimes found in more heavily-coated threads making it quite resistant to fraying, tangling or breaking.  It has almost no stretch and lends itself perfectly to many different purposes including loom warping and weaving, Peyote, netting, or any other multi-pass bead stitches.  It is also colorfast and UV resistant and works well with either size #10 or size #12 English beading needles.

C-LON BEADING THREAD is manufactured in two thicknesses:

     - SIZE "D" is considered the "standard weight" thread and is a similar size to Nymo-D.
           It is most suitable for use with Miyuki Delica beads size 11/0, 10/0 or larger beads.
           Each bobbin contains 78 yards. 

     - SIZE "AA" is thinner than size "D".  It is similar in size to Nymo-B and is best used
            with Miyuki Delica beads size 15/0 or other small beads.  Use this size when your
            bead project requires pulling the thread through the same bead many times.

            Each bobbin contains 75 yards.

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