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Miyuki LONG MAGATAMA Bead Information:

- You will receive 10 grams of Miyuki Long Magatama Beads (approximately 85 beads)


- Each bead measures 4mm x 7mm and is shaped similar to an elongated drop or fringe bead.  It has a slanted hole which makes the bead sit at an angle when strung.

Long Magatama's are packaged as follows:

- Each 10-gram unit will be packaged in a 9/16" dia. x 3" tall acrylic tube with
   snap-on cap.
- 3 or more units (30+ grams) will be packaged together in one clear plastic zip-lock bag.

- Each "Long Magatama" (LMA) color number is clearly labelled on every tube or zip-lock bag for ease in reordering and color matching.

NOTE:  All Long Magatamas are carefully weighed to the amount specified in their product description and are packaged in a tube that comfortably holds them.  The tubes are not necessarily filled to the top.

We currently are not accepting Back-Orders:

Purchases are limited to stock on hand.

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LMA-0179 Transparent Green AB

Picture of LMA-0179 Transparent Green AB
Same color as: DB-0152 (Appears to Match DB-0175 more closely), DBL-0152, TL-0179 & TW-0179

$1.90 (USD)

LMA-0188 Metallic Purple Gold Iris (10 g.)

Picture of LMA-0188 Metallic Purple Gold Iris (10 g.)
Same color as: TL-0188 & TW-0188

$6.25 (USD)

LMA-0190 Nickel Plated (10 g.)

Picture of LMA-0190 Nickel Plated (10 g.)
Same color as: DB-0021, DBL-0021, DBS-0021, TL-0190 & TW-0190

$6.25 (USD)

LMA-0190F Matte Nickel Plated (5g)

Picture of LMA-0190F Matte Nickel Plated (5g)
Same color as: DB-0321, DBL-0321 & DBS-0321

$3.65 (USD)

LMA-0191 24KT Bright Gold Plated (5g)

Picture of LMA-0191 24KT Bright Gold Plated (5g)
Same color as:DB-0031, DBL-0031, TL-0191 & TW-0191

$9.50 (USD)

LMA-0191F Matte 24KT Bright Gold Plated (5g)

Picture of LMA-0191F Matte 24KT Bright Gold Plated (5g)
Same color as: DB-0331

$9.75 (USD)

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