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This Super Strong, Flexible, Pre-Waxed, Braided Bead Thread incorporates new-age technology.  It handles and feels like the finest thread yet is as strong as jewelry wire.  Most crystals and beads will not cut this product.  It also knots easily and does not stretch.  The 10 lb. Test Power Pro will fit into a Size #12 or even #13 beading needle.  Available in White or Moss Green on 28-yard spools.  

*NOTE:  Ordinary household scissors do NOT cut this thread sharply.  Our Westcott 5" Titanium Bonded Scissors are highly recommended for cutting this thread (sold in the "Tools/Looms/Books" section).

- Pre-Waxed.  Made of 100% Spectra Fiber.

- Extremely Strong and Non-Stretchy.  Can be knotted tightly and securely.

- Performs like wire but is actually a thread!

- Sold on 28-yard spools.

- Available in White or Moss Green colors.
    (Moss Green appears dark gray in color and blends seamlessly into most colors of beadwork.)

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